You Are Wonderful Loved Beautiful Cherished affirmations kindness typography

Sometimes we all need reminders 🙂

Day made!
~Because It’s Tuesday


Hearts Around Town


If you like, cut out hearts and write affirmations on them and
leave them around town for other people to stumble upon

Affirmation Ideas:


You are loved!
You are worthwhile
You are beautiful
You are magnificent
You are strong
You are powerful
You are amazing
You are wonderful
You are sunshine
You are enough 🙂


Day Made!
~Because It’s Tuesday

A Poem for the Woman Who Feels She Should Come With A Warning Label


She told me she thought she should come with a warning label

I said, “I agree.”

“You really should come with a warning label. It should say:


Again and again and again.


Getting lost is exactly what you needed to find your true self.


She is an absolute dazzler.


She gives the best hugs.


You share the only thing that matters – each other.


Without even trying.


Her beauty is so much more than skin deep.


She is so sweet!


The time you share is priceless.


She is such a gem.


With one kiss, you will forget anything else matters in the world, much less exists.


The Fourth of July has nothing on her.


Beauty needs no reason.


If only to celebrate one more day with her.


Ransom it with kisses and share her own with you.


Better than anything you could ever imagine was possible.


She will inspire you,
push you out of your comfort zone,
challenge everything you ever thought was true about beauty, grace and love.


Just by sharing hers with you.


While always accepting you exactly where you are.


Her stellar dance moves, the way her eyes smile and all of her cute quirks.


You discover something new and unexpectedly wonderful every time you are with her.


There is nothing more romantic than her.


Remind her she absolutely deserves a warning label!

She learns and grows from all of the challenges life presents her.
She is so much more than a beautiful face.
She is empowerment embodied!

She is a beautiful soul who absolutely happens to be one of the most magnificently radiant things ever experienced.”

Labels Aren’t Necessary

Instead of negating, dismissing and skirting around the fact that most of us feel we should come with warning labels, maybe it’s time to embrace it! Create your own labels that empower, uplift and serve your best interest! If you choose to have labels, they might as well be kick awesome ones. You always have a choice 🙂

Day made!
~Because It’s Tuesday

P.S. If you are male, trans, polka dotted, etc. this is for you too. This is a visual poem that both celebrates and honors the masculine and the feminine relationship within us all.

Walk a Friend's Dog

Walk a friends dog #RAK Because It's Tuesday Kindness Typography

If you like, walk a friend’s dog as an act of kindness.

Story Time!

Imagine you truly loved someone, but couldn’t give them what they needed. What would you do?

My friend hurt his foot last week. He only has one of them, so it became nearly impossible to walk his dog while he was healing. He called me up and asked if I could take his dog “Tater” to the dog park for him. Tater and I had so much fun! I returned Tater home an hour later and my friend was incredibly grateful for this simple act of kindness.

Allowing Love

It’s not always possible to give someone the love they need all of the time. It’s not always a possibility to give that necessary love to myself, a pet, or even a plant all of the time. While that may be true, asking for and accepting help is a sure fire way to give someone the love they deserve all of the time.

That’s powerful.

It’s also easier said than done. Asking for help can be really difficult because it is admitting I am not everything to all people all of the time. I’m glad my truth is so much bigger than that old, limiting belief today!

My truth is:

I refuse to allow my ego to get in the way of love.

The love I deserve and the love you deserve.

If I don’t ask for help when I really need it, I am standing in love’s way. If I try to be all things to all people, I am truly living a constricted life; cutting myself and others off from love. When I allow myself to be human –

human: (n) not holding myself to unrealistic standards of perfection all the time.

– and accept help from others, I’m allowing love to flow where otherwise I’d be stifling it.

Just by relaxing, accepting help and practicing acceptance of where I am at today helps me to become an empowered and active participant with the unfettered love in my life. How cool is that?

Resting is Empowering

My friend allowed himself time to heal, while giving his dog the loving kindness (a fun walk around the dog park), that he deserves. It may seem silly, but ultimately my friend gave me a beautiful gift simply by asking for help today. He showed me it’s okay to take time to rest and heal. Therefore, I no longer have to try to be all things to all people all of the time. I don’t have to exhaust myself trying to live up to my own unrealistic expectations.


He taught me how empowering it can be by taking time to rest and heal. He actually lets in more love, creates closer relationships and embraces whatever circumstances arise by allowing himself time to step back and heal while asking for help. It’s impossible to be a victim of my circumstances while accepting help from others.

He taught me another thing.

Asking for help is not weak; It’s simply getting out of love’s way.

The strongest people I know ask for help. They show me how strong I can become when I allow myself to stop being so “strong” and trying to do everything on my own.

You are Loved

The small act of kindness of walking my friend’s dog at the dog park taught me a lot. It taught me how powerful love is, how asking for help is empowering and how I can more freely allow love into my life and relationships today.

The practice of opening up to love today is another fun way to define random acts of kindness, or even deliberate acts of kindness.

If you are reading this, I want to deliberately say, “You are loved!”

Day made!
~Because It’s Tuesday


16 Pictures That Will Make You Realize How Significant You Truly Are

1. This is where you live.


2. The moon may not always seem all that far away, but it’s possible to fit every single planet in our solar system between the distance from the Earth to the Moon.


3. This is where we exist in our solar system.


4. When was the last time you saw a beautiful sunrise or sunset? Next time you see the Sun, remember just how small we are in comparison. Yet, you are significant.


5. Our Solar System doesn’t even have the largest sun in existence by far. Here is a little more perspective:


6. Do you realize how many more stars, how many more suns, exist than we can ever see in the night sky from Earth?


7. Let’s come back to Earth for a bit. Here is the size of a comet compared to the size of Los Angeles.



8. Let’s gain some more perspective of just how significant you really are. You live your life in the Milky Way galaxy in the solar system marked in red, which is all part of a larger Solar Interstellar Neighborhood.


9. This is our Galaxy in comparison to our Solar System.


10. You are here:


11. We don’t even live in the largest galaxy, yet you are truly significant.


12. Every one of these spots of light is another galaxy. Trust me, you are significant.


13. The previous photo was taken to see if there was anything in a dark part of the sky. Thousands of new galaxies were discovered inside this “nothingness.”


14. Our Galaxy is in the Virgo Supercluster. We are shown in red again.


15. We don’t live in the only supercluster. Just a little more perspective of how much more has already existed before you, around you, that perfectly supports your existence today.


16. Here is an illustration of the observable universe.


If you’re having a rough day, here is some perspective:

Everything in every picture you have just seen has already been moving, crashing and exploding since the beginning of comprehension, in order to create our universe. Every one of these events, which happened with such perfect precision, ultimately ensured your existence before you were even born.

The fact that you exist is a miracle – You truly are significant!

You are comprised of seven billion billion billion atoms that all perfectly interact to create the person you are today. If even one atom in the whole universe didn’t interact with another in the exact way it did up to this point, humanity may not even exist. You may not have existed.

It is mystifying to think of everything that went “right” in order to create you.

So, if you’re ever feeling insignificant, discouraged or just feeling lonely, remember the functions of an entire universe are supporting you to become your authentic, empowered self in this moment.

However, these functions are often chaotic and may appear as setbacks.

These setbacks are opportunities for growth in disguise. No matter how good of a disguise they wear, you are always presented with a gift to learn and grow from them. That gift is a choice.

You always have a choice to be empowered regardless of your circumstances, though it may not always seem like it.

Do you realize how much of an integral part of this universe you are? You give something to the world on a daily basis, that would never have existed otherwise, by simply being you. That’s pretty cool because it means your actions actually shape the universe. You are important, you are powerful and you are capable of great things. You have the whole universe supporting you today!

It has been supporting you through a maelstrom of chaos, pure chance and disorder, where every coincidence has coincided perfectly to allow your presence in the world today. Every event possible has interacted in flawless tandem to create the person you are, right now, in an incomprehensively huge universe.

That means you are significant!

The traffic ticket, lost job, unhappy relationship or illness pale in comparison to the unimaginable circumstances that gave you another shot at life today.

You always have a choice, every single day to either play small or celebrate life. You can utilize every experience, setback and challenge to empower yourself today; To shine and give others permission to do the same. The way you choose to interact with, and ultimately change, the universe is totally up to you.

You are capable of great things. I think it’s time to celebrate today 🙂

Day made!
~Because It’s Tuesday

Five Minutes of Appreciation

Five Minutes of Appreciation #RAK Because It's Tuesday Kindness TypographyIf you like, take five minutes to appreciate someone important in your life today

Lists are Awesome!

If you like, create a quick list of all of the things you appreciate about someone important in your life today. Who is important to you? What do they do that improves your wellbeing? Who adds to your life? Or, if you’re struggling to think of someone, think of the people who consistently celebrate you in little ways.

For me, that’s my friend Miriam.

Miriam has stuck with me through some brilliantly challenging times, some infinitely wonderful times, and is a great friend all the time. Today, we send each other funny memes and little messages to make each other laugh.

It’s not the foundation-shaking, time-stopping, earth-shattering things that impact my life the most today; it’s the people who take a little bit of time to consistently be kind that rock my world today. I usually don’t even notice, much less appreciate, their actions because they are so consistent.

It turns out that the people I take for granted are the people who add the most to my life.

So, here’s a list of all the things I take for granted, the things that I appreciate the most, about Miriam:

1. She’s consistent
2. She makes me laugh
3. She’s trustworthy
4. She’s a worthwhile human being who takes time for others
5. She is a strong, empowered woman who gives me the space to be myself

Share Your Appreciation

If you decide to take 5 minutes out of your day to appreciate someone wonderful in your life, take another two to share it with them. If you like, send them a letter, text, email, phone call, Snapchat, Tweet, etc. Let them know they are a worthwhile human being and that you appreciate who they are. Share a quick list of the ways they add to your life. It’s amazing how powerful a few simple words can be.

I Appreciate You

If you like, take 5 minutes out of your day to appreciate the person who adds the most to your life – you! Taking time to pause and write a few things you appreciate about yourself can be the foundation-shaking, time-stopping, earth-shattering event that completely rocks your world!

If you like, boost your self-worth and self-esteem by putting a list on your mirror as a kind reminder. Try putting it in your phone as an alert to appear before you go to bed at night. Maybe even write it on nice stationery and mail it to yourself. You can save it for an off day, or open it when you are feeling great! Up to you 🙂

Day made!
~Because It’s Tuesday

P.S. I may be switching my writing to bi-monthly instead of every week ~ I’ll keep you guys posted 🙂

Self Worth Poster

Self Worth Poster #RAK because its Tuesday Kindness Typography

Make Six Free Self-Worth Posters

 Download the full, kick awesome self-worth PDF file here: Self Worth School Posters PDFMake six self worth school posters #rak

I have Final exams this week at college, as many other students do. Every semester, I print out and hang these posters all around school during Midterms and Finals. I carry around posters and read this reminder before my exams. I found it helps me relax and settle into my authentic, empowered self, which is incredibly helpful before an exam. I always do better on my finals when I go into them already knowing “I am enough.”

If you like, you can hang this poster around school to inspire others, put it on your refrigerator as a friendly reminder or share a poster with a friend. Remind yourself and others: You’ve got this!

You are not defined by 5 letters of the alphabet. Your self-worth is not based on a scale of 100. Your self esteem does not come from GPAs, grades, or perfect scores
You are enough!

Day made!
~Because It’s Tuesday

10 Teacher Appreciation Week Ideas

Teacher Appreciation Week Ideas #RAK Because It's Tuesday Kindness Typography

If you like, celebrate teacher appreciation week May 4th-8th 🙂

10 Simple Ideas for Teacher Appreciation Week

It is amazing how teachers have impacted my life in such a profound way. I still remember how my 5th-grade teacher, Mrs. Lineberger, took the time to sit down and help me understand an assignment I was struggling with. That moment of compassion continues to impact my life today, and I remember it almost a decade and a half later. She taught me to never underestimate the power of a single, simple, compassionate act, and the lasting impact it can have on somebody’s life. Here are some ideas to appreciate the teachers in our lives today:

1. Bring in flowers. Make your teacher’s day brighter by bringing in flowers for them. Attach a kind thank you card.

2. Make a giant greeting card and have everyone in class sign it. Gift it to your teacher to show how much you appreciate them. (See link for DIY tutorial)

3. Write a quick note of appreciation on the blackboard, or dry erase board, and have all of your classmates sign it before your teacher walks in.

4. Smile! Attitude is contagious. It has can change even the most boring math lecture you can ever imagine into a beautiful adventure 🙂

5. Ask questions. Question everything! I’ve learned that I’m very rarely the only person in the class who has the same question that I do. When I ask for help, or simply ask a question in class, I’m helping others.

6. Offer to help. You can offer to help teach another student who may not understand an assignment. Offer to be study buddies. You can also help your teacher clean up after class, pass out papers or by taking notes for an absent classmate.

7. Hang a sign on your teacher’s door thanking them or by saying something as simple as, “I appreciate you!”

8. Write a letter to your dean, headmaster, principal, etc. and let them know how much you appreciate your teachers.

9. Stay a minute or two after class and say “Thank you.” I got in the habit of doing this after every class. My teachers always smile when they are reminded that they truly make a difference.

10. Write affirmations such as “You make a difference,” “Thank you,” “You are a rockstar (insert teacher’s name here!)” on post-it notes. Place positive post-it notes around the classroom or on your teacher’s desk

Who are Your Teachers?

“Those are all great ideas for students, but what about everyone else?” Even if you don’t go to school, you can still celebrate teacher appreciation week. If you like, try saying “Thank you” in response to every situation this week. For me, the majority of my teachers don’t work at school. Most of my teachers are the people I encounter who grind my gears, make me uncomfortable and show me there is another, compassionate way to do things.

The teachers I have today often push my buttons. They grate up against my comfort zone, challenge the way I think things should be and ultimately urge me to continue growing as a compassionate human being. Sometimes, when I get cut off in traffic, that person becomes my teacher. They remind me I always have choices; I can get mad, even entirely too upset at something I can’t control, or I can say “Thank you for showing me how I don’t have to act today. I hope you get where you’re going safely.” They teach me how to be compassionate in an empowered way I wasn’t thinking of before.

My teachers make me uncomfortable because they confront the old “story” of how I think things are, or should be. This feeling of un comfortability is actually the feeling I get when I am given a choice; opening up to new possibilities or continuing to live the same old story. This week my teacher was presented as a friend shining brightly and to being goofy. That helped me to forget about my own self-consciousness, and I allowed myself have fun, too! They taught me that when I allow myself to shine, I allow others to do the same.

I sometimes get stuck in the “story” of how I think I should act, things I should say or how I should appear to others in all kinds of social situations. That way of thinking, without even realizing it, can easily keep me from having fun, dancing and celebrating life today. So, I’m learning to allow myself to sing when I hear my favorite song on the radio, dance if I feel like dancing and allow myself to shine and give others the opportunity to do the same. I’m allowing myself to shine brightly today 🙂


I used to strive to live life on life’s terms. I understand that life doesn’t make terms today; my acceptance or non-acceptance of the expectations I place on life are the only things that can create these “terms.” If you like, practice letting go of the story, the expectations of how things are or should be. Say “Thank you” to the people who make you angry, push your limits and compassionately show you another way of doing things. Celebrate an empowered life today by making everything an opportunity to learn, grow and reason to shine 🙂

Day made!
~Because It’s Tuesday

Make A New Friend Today

Make A New Friend Today #RAK Because It's Tuesday Kindness Typography

If you like, go out of your way to make a new friend today 🙂
Get out of your comfort zone and start a conversation with someone new 🙂

Make A New Friend Today!

Do you often see people you’d like to get to know while doing your daily adventuring? I do; all the time!

If you like, try maximizing your life today and say “Hi” to one of these people. Ask them how they are doing, take a real interest in them and start a conversation. I found this is a great way to get out of my comfort zone and potentially make someone’s day better 🙂

I mean, have you ever been the new kid? Maybe you are the “new kid” right now, or remember what that feels like. I’ve lived in Santa Fe for 5 years now, and I still feel like a new kid sometimes! I’ve found that talking to someone, making them feel welcome and appreciated is such a transformative gift. It takes the fear away, or at least quells it a bit, and transforms the feeling of being separate into feeling a part of again 🙂 If you like, take that small step and say hello to someone new today 🙂

Would You Like To Do Something You’ve Never Done Before?

If you’re like me, the answer is “Flipping heck yes!” Who wouldn’t want to do something brand new, exciting and wonderful today?

I’ve been seeing the benefits of taking small risks every day. It is so easy to get stuck in the same old routine without realizing it. That actually takes a lot of effort – to play small and stay the same. I’ve realized it takes an equivalent amount of effort to live a life of limitless expansion, that is maximized to the fullest, as it does to stay in my comfort zone.

I am beginning to understand this as I’m doing things I’ve never done before on a daily basis. That sounds like a tall order, but it’s so simple 🙂

These brand new things I do on a daily basis are as simple as cooking a new meal, taking a different route home, dropping by a local shop just to browse, going on a new hike, listening to new music, going to art galleries, switching up my daily routine, going to a new coffee spot, performing random acts of kindness and the list goes on 🙂 It is so easy and so much fun! It’s funny how being miserable and having a beautiful new adventure take about the same amount of energy 🙂

Well, That’s Nice and All, but I’m Really Shy

I’m can be really shy at times, and it can be daunting to step out of my comfort zone and meet new people. While that may be true, those are the same exact reasons I’ve been making new friends lately 🙂

I’m always doing the absolute best with what I have at any given time.

I often need that reminder. I don’t always have it within me to start up a new conversation and make a brand new friend at random. So, on days like that, I simply smile at someone and see if they start a conversation 🙂 Smiles are something so simple that can easily change someone’s day for the better 🙂

Also, I can always send someone an email to someone I don’t normally talk to at work, or look up local events like concerts, art shows and dances to share a new experience with new people 🙂 It may even make someone’s day 😉

Day made!
~Because It’s Tuesday

DIY Mirroring Kindness

Mirroring Kindness #RAK Because It's Tuesday Kindness Typography

If you like, tape some kindness posters onto mirrors 🙂

Kindness Poster PDFs

Here are three free kindness poster PDF’s you can download:

You Are Beautiful Motivation Poster Free PDF Download

Click Here to Download the You Are Beautiful Poster 🙂

You Are Awesome Motivation Poster Free PDF Download

Click Here to Download the You Are Awesome Poster 🙂

You Are Loved Motivation Poster Free PDF Download

Click Here to Download the You Are Loved Poster 🙂

DIY Motivational Mirror Posters

The only instructions for this simple DIY is to cut out the middle white rectangle of the poster before you tape it to your favorite mirror at eye level. This way a random act of kindness recipient can see their reflection in the poster, then read the inspiring message on the poster 🙂 If you like, tape the poster a height where most people will be able to see their reflection, simply because people are different heights. As an added kindness, use painter’s tape (blue tape found at most hardware stores) so the tape won’t leave any residue on the mirror after the poster is removed. If you like, tape the poster to the mirror at work, school, at different restaurants, at the bank, in dressing rooms, at the DMV, at your friend’s house or even in your own home as a compassionate reminder that you are awesome, loved and beautiful! 🙂

Day made!
~Because It’s Tuesday